HotelApp is a complete digital or contactless Guest service App that helps your guests to access all your hotel facilities and services from their phone.
Your guests can start using HotelApp from the time of check-in to your property till they check out such as requesting any service from their room, Accessing the Restaurant Menu, Booking a Spa session, etc.
Not Just a Guest Service App, It helps hoteliers to promote offers & speciality services to their guests through the application to increase hotel revenue.
Yes. HotelApp is compatible with all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows & All smart phones.
They can just scan the QR code placed at your reception, Room, Restaurant or Spa to access your services.

There are ample benefits for the hotel and the guest by using the HotelApp. Some of these include:

  • Increased Sales
  • Touchless Guest Service
  • Improved Guest Satisfaction
  • Cut-down all Printing Expenses
  • Dynamic Restaurant Menu
  • Digital Spa Menu
  • Food, Spa & activity Promotions
  • Social Media Engagement
No. HotelApp is 100% Cloud-based. You can just sign up and start using it. No need to install any software. 
No. Not at all. No client wants to install an app at the time of check-in. Over 92% of the guests are tired when they arrive at the hotel for check-in. So, we have made it very simple and easy.

They can just scan the QR code and check in.
Yes. Definitely. When your non-resident guest scans a QR code at the restaurant or Spa, They can see your digital menu on their phone.

Only checked-in clients can access your hotel services, facilities & etc.
There is a setup fee of GBP 350. But we offer a Free Setup for new customers for a limited time period. 

Please note that the 'No Setup Fee' offer can be withdrawn anytime without prior notice. 
You own it 100%. You can add, edit or delete any of your data.
Once you sign up with us, We will provide you with access to control your App for Hotel. You can easily manage every section in the app. 
100% Possible. This is the beauty of HotelApp. You can customise every section in the hotel mobile app. You can change the order & a lot more with a single click.
You can add & manage every facility, services, promotions of your hotel such as rooms, multiple restaurants, bars, swimming pools, spas, activities, sports facilities, tours, excursions, room service, housekeeping, reception, taxi, Mini-bar services, Promotions and a whole lot more.
Yes. You have an option to mention the charges for each facility. If it is free of charge then you can mention it as ZERO. Otherwise, you can simply mention the price and details.
We update HotelApp with new features on a weekly basis. You can expect to see new changes frequently.

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